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We have always had a passion for all things True Crime, with a curious and avid interest in cases of unsolved crime, serial murder and war crimes. The purpose of this project is to compile the most comprehensive library of information on different types of criminal cases, from the historic to more contemporary crimes. We have a helpful “Category System” designed to make it easier to search for a specific type of offence from Arson to War Crimes, and “Related Case Files” within each article for those who wish to read more about associated crimes.

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Featured Cases

Kevin Roby

The murder of Boyz n the Hood actor Lloyd Avery II was committed inside Pelican Bay prison by convicted killer and Satanist Kevin Roby.

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Free Cases

John Cannan

A suspect in numerous unsolved crimes, John Cannan is a rapist and serial killer whom police suspect was involved in the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh.

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Rettendon Murders

The murders of three drug dealers known as the Essex Boys would become a long and tangled investigation to catch their killers.

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Ted Bundy

The good-looking law student Ted Bundy was one of the most prolific serial killers of the 20th Century.

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Carl von Cosel

The ghoulish tale of Carl von Cosel, who kept the body of his deceased love interest, even when her remains began to decompose.

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Stockwell Strangler

The Stockwell Strangler stalked the housing estates of North and South London, breaking into the homes of old-age residents to rob, rape and murder.

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Recent Cases

Ché Avery

Ché Avery was enticed by the appeal of being a gang member, much like his brother Lloyd Avery II. Prison was the redemption that saved him from that lifestyle.

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Pockmarked Man

The Pockmarked Man, known as Le Grêlé, is a vicious French serial killer who has remained on the loose for decades, but who has finally been unmasked.

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Lucca Murders

When a young couple are found dead in their car along Serchio River, Italian detectives suspect they could be victims of the infamous Monster of Florence.

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Jerry Brudos

Known as the Lust Killer, Jerome “Jerry” Brudos murdered women to fulfil his twisted fetishes and enact his deranged fantasies.

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