Lambeth Poisoner

Thomas Neill Cream

Lambeth Poisoner

"I am Jack the..."

The qualified doctor and surgeon Thomas Neill Cream would have enjoyed a prosperous medical career, if not for his penchant for murdering young women by administering cholorform and other poisons, crimes for which he would eventually earn the nickname of the “Lambeth Poisoner”. His first wife, Flora almost died during a botched abortion performed by Cream himself, and he was forced to flee Canada when another woman he was having an affair with was found dead under suspicious circumstances. In the United States he performed illegal abortions and soon more women were found poisoned to death. He attempted to blame others for the deaths but he soon came under suspicion, and was eventually arrested and found guilty of these murders.

Sentenced to life imprisonment, he served ten years before his wanted granted early release. He promptly sailed for England where he continued his murderous ways and began poisoning prostitutes with strychnine. Once again his attempts to frame others for the murders only brought him further attention, this time from the London police, and he was soon arrested and found guilty. Sentenced to death, Cream never explained why he committed his crimes and, allegedly left one final mystery as he stood on the scaffold, uttering his last words before trap fell, which appear to implicate Cream in the Jack the Ripper murders.

Written by Nucleus

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Search for Ted Bundy Los Zetas Nazi Doctors