Atlas Vampire Case

The Swedish Murder Mystery

Atlas Vampire Case

"Most, if not all of her blood had been drained"

Lilly Lindestroem was a 32-year-old divorced sex worker who lived in a small apartment in the Atlas area of Stockholm near Sankt Eirksplan. She worked as a call girl who entertained clients at her apartment which was the only one in the building which had a telephone. Instead of working the streets as most prostitutes did, she accepted gentleman callers. Lindestroem’s downstairs neighbour, 35-year-old Minnie Jansson, who was a fellow sex worker, was the last person to see her alive.
She had stopped by Minnie’s apartment to enquire if she had any condoms she could use. Later, at around 09:00pm she came back down again, only this time she had a coat covering her naked body. Minnie said Lily would often stop by her apartment naked to enquire about condoms. She began to worry when her friend did not reappear the next morning and eventually alerted the Stockholm Police who entered her apartment and found her body on May 4, 1932.
Lindestroem's bedroom

The Police found her completely naked, face down on her bed. Her clothes we found neatly folded on a chair next to the body and she had been dead for 2-3 days when her body was discovered. There were reports of sexual activity because a condom was found protruding from her anus, and she had suffered blunt force trauma from repeated blows to the head. They also discovered that most, if not all of her blood had been drained. Saliva was also found on her neck and other parts of her body and it is believed that the killer used the blood-stained gravy ladle to attempt to drink her blood.

Case Evidence

The killer had left behind an abundance of evidence including hair and semen samples as well as fingerprints, but there was little the police could do with the evidence they had collected because DNA testing was not available. It was surmised that perhaps one of her regular clients had been involved in her death. As a result nine of her clients were questioned but no charges were brought and no clear suspect could be identified. The names of these clients were never released by the police at the time and it is also not clear if the police discounted Lilly’s ex husband as a possible suspect in her murder. The evidence from the case is kept in a display case in Stockholm’s Police Museum.

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