Case File #0140
The Baker Street Robbery
"Let's see how Sherlock Holmes solves this one"
During the evening of 11 September 1971, four men entered the London branch of Lloyds Bank located on Baker Street after tunnelling their way over a distance of 50 feet underground. They used explosives to break into the vault and began to plunder the numerous safety deposit boxes. Unbeknown to the burglars, a ham radio operator had intercepted their conversations with a rooftop lookout and notified the police, who initially refused to believe his story. Because the security door was still locked, the police failed to act on the information and by the time they identified which bank was being robbed, the thieves escaped with 1.5 million in cash and many valuables stored within the vault. But the story would gather more interest because of the aftermath, which saw the story suppressed due to an order concerning national security and rumours began circulating that the thieves had found something in the bank which would lead to potentially scandalous revelations.
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