Westley Allan Dodd

The Vancouver Child Killer

Westley Allan Dodd

"I must be executed!"

Westley Allan Dodd: The personification of Evil

One of America’s most notorious and reviled serial killers, Westley Allan Dodd terrorized the Pacific Northwest in the late 1980’s with a horrifying spree of child abductions, sexual assaults, and murders.

His heinous acts shocked the nation and ultimately led to his capture and execution.

Dodd’s criminal activities began in the early 1980s, but it wasn’t until the latter part of the decade that his crimes escalated to a horrifying level.

Born in 1961 in Toppenish, Washington, Dodd exhibited troubling behavior from an early age, and his deviant tendencies grew more pronounced over time.

In 1989, Dodd’s crimes reached a new level of depravity when he embarked on a spree targeting young boys.

He meticulously planned and executed a series of abductions, sexual assaults, and murders that would haunt the region for years to come.

The first known victim of Dodd’s killing spree was 11-year-old Cole Neer. In September 1989, Dodd lured Cole to a secluded area, where he sexually assaulted and brutally murdered the young boy.

The heinous crime shocked the community, but it was only the beginning of Dodd’s reign of terror. Over the next few months, Dodd continued his predatory attacks.

His second victim, 10-year-old Lee Iseli, suffered a fate similar to Cole’s. Dodd’s escalating violence and his brazen approach to his crimes heightened the urgency for law enforcement to apprehend the sadistic killer.

The breakthrough in the investigation came when Dodd abducted and murdered 4-year-old William Neer, Cole Neer’s younger brother, in November 1989.

The Neer brothers’ murders intensified the manhunt for Dodd, and law enforcement agencies across the region joined forces to bring the serial killer to justice.

In January 1990, the authorities finally caught up with Dodd when he attempted to abduct two brothers, ages 9 and 10, in the Vancouver, Washington area.

The quick thinking of the boys and their mother, along with the assistance of bystanders, led to Dodd’s apprehension.

The police arrested him on charges of attempted kidnapping, and the subsequent investigation linked him to the string of child murders that had terrorized the region.

During interrogations, Dodd not only confessed to the abductions, sexual assaults, and murders but also provided chilling details about his motives and desires.

He revealed a disturbing fascination with child pornography and an insatiable urge to harm and kill young boys. Dodd’s trial began in April 1990, and he shocked the courtroom by pleading guilty to all charges.

His decision to waive his right to a trial and accept a death sentence reflected his desire for a swift resolution and his acknowledgment of the overwhelming evidence against him.

On January 5, 1993, Westley Allan Dodd was executed by hanging at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. His execution marked the first legal hanging in the United States since 1965.

Dodd’s heinous crimes and the subsequent investigation and trial underscored the need for law enforcement agencies to collaborate in the pursuit of justice and highlighted the horror that can be unleashed by individuals with a compulsion for unspeakable acts.

The case of Westley Allan Dodd remains a dark chapter in the history of criminal investigations in the Pacific Northwest.

His crimes prompted communities to re-evaluate safety measures for children and emphasized the importance of early intervention and identification of individuals who may pose a threat to society.

Dodd’s legacy is one of terror and tragedy, serving as a grim reminder of the enduring impact that serial killers can have on the communities they target.

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