Edmund Kolanowski

The Polish Necrophilie

Edmund Kolanowski

"Now I think I did wrong"

Edmund Kolanowski

Poland’s Notorious Necrophile and Serial Killer

One of Poland’s most infamous criminals, Edmund Kolanowski carved a grim chapter in the annals of crime with his macabre and disturbing activities.

Born in 1947, Kolanowski’s life descended into a nightmarish spree of necrophilia and murder that shocked the nation and revealed the depths of human depravity.

Kolanowski’s criminal career began in the early 1970s when he started desecrating graves. His initial acts involved exhuming corpses from cemeteries, driven by a perverse fascination with the dead.

Kolanowski would mutilate the bodies, often dismembering and sexually violating them. This morbid obsession with dead bodies marked him as a necrophile, and his activities went unnoticed for several years.

As his deranged compulsion grew, Kolanowski’s crimes escalated from grave robbery to murder. His first known murder occurred in 1970 when he killed a young woman, Katarzyna, whom he had initially stalked.

Kolanowski lured her into a secluded area, where he brutally assaulted and strangled her before mutilating her body. This horrific act marked the beginning of a series of killings that would cement his place in criminal history.

Over the next few years, Kolanowski committed several more murders, each characterized by extreme violence and post-mortem mutilation. His victims were typically young women, whom he would stalk, abduct, and kill.

After murdering them, he would often engage in necrophilic acts with their corpses, leaving a trail of horrifically mutilated bodies that baffled and horrified investigators.

The turning point in the investigation came in 1977, when Kolanowski’s activities finally attracted the attention of law enforcement. The breakthrough occurred following the murder of a woman named Zofia.

Her body, discovered in a state of severe mutilation, bore striking similarities to previous cases. The police launched an intensive investigation, focusing on graveyards and other areas where the bodies had been discovered.

In early 1979, a critical piece of evidence led to Kolanowski’s arrest. A witness reported seeing a suspicious man near a cemetery shortly before the discovery of a desecrated grave.

The police were able to trace the suspect back to Kolanowski, who was subsequently arrested and interrogated. Under intense questioning, he confessed to his crimes, detailing his gruesome activities with chilling detachment.

Kolanowski’s trial was a sensational affair, drawing widespread media attention and public outrage. The court heard harrowing testimonies and reviewed graphic evidence of his crimes.

Kolanowski remained largely unrepentant, displaying a disturbing lack of remorse for his actions. In 1980, he was found guilty of multiple counts of murder and desecration of corpses.

Given the heinous nature of his crimes, Kolanowski was sentenced to death, a punishment that reflected the gravity of his actions and the public’s demand for justice.

On May 28, 1986, Edmund Kolanowski was executed by hanging, bringing an end to the life of one of Poland’s most reviled criminals.

The case of Edmund Kolanowski left an indelible mark on Polish society, highlighting the darkest aspects of human behavior and the critical importance of vigilance in law enforcement.

His crimes remain a stark reminder of the capacity for evil that can lurk within individuals, and the necessity of justice to maintain societal order.

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